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The Park City Life

The start of winter always holds a special place in my heart. Every morning you look out the window to see if todays the day you call in and take the day to head up to the mountains. Stopping and  helping a neighbor wipe the fresh fallen snow off their car, and taking in a breath of the fresh mountain air that will wake you up faster than over sleeping a missed alarm. I love getting in my car and seeing the crystal covered trees sparkling as the sun peers over the mountains. I've been skiing with my family at Deer Valley since I was three, and every year the expectaions countinue to excite me! I can't even begin to focus on the things I need to do until the resorts open and I hear my boots click into my binding's for the first time. Every year holds a new evaluation on whats to come this season, no season is ever the same. With four amaizing seasons here in Park City its always hard to wrap your mind around the longest, winter. It seems to just apear in the blink of an eye. Transforming this community into its most vibrant time of year. This community has a passion for winter sports and let me tell ya there's almost to many to list on both hands. Bringing people together in a way that fills the air with giddy smile's keeping the mood light and enjoyable for all. Yes there are the mornings where staying in your cozy bed sounds amaizing but life in the mountains doesnt stop for anyone. Grab your boots and  find your mountain adventure. 

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